Telemetry Converter HS

Power sensor Altis devices

Tiny and simple power sensor serving to display and record power supplying parameters.

  • Plugged between Altis device and positive battery wire
  • Support for energy switch – let you motor turn off when certain energy is consumed
  • Suitable for power limiting competitions (electric F3B etc.)
  • Only 21 x 27 x 7mm small and 14 light (including power cables)
  • Processed parameters
    • Battery voltage
    • Current
    • Power from battery
    • Consumed energy during the flight
  • Resolution 0.1V, 0.1, 0.1W, 1Wmin
  • Compatible with
    • Altis v4
    • Altis v4+
    • Altis nano
  • Telemetry support
    • Jeti model
    • Multiplex
    • Graupner Hott