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Our services are based on many years of experience with wide variety of our products for various areas guarantees the best approach possible when solving your needs. Choosing state-of–the-art components and technologies leads to the top quality and the right value for your investment. Possibility to start with a single prototype and continue with manufacturing of up to medium batches covers most of needs of our customers. Customized software complements the solution and adds a unique user experience.

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System Integration

Industrial Automation

  • Robot Cells Accesories

    Cleaning device


    Custom HMI/SCADA systems

  • Production Line Automation

    Custom solutions based on standard industrial components

Measurement and Testing

  • Crash & Motion Detection

    Crash logger for mining locomotive
    Motion logger for behavior detection of grazing animals

  • Vibration

    Component failure detection

  • Visual Inspection

    Automotive part quality control

Internet of Things

  • Sigfox Sensors

    Low power sensor for crash detection, air quality measurements, asset tracking, environmental state measurements etc.

  • Cloud Applications

    Data processing, visualization and big data analysis

  • Integration into Information Systems

    Custom data connectors into existing information systems.

Areas of Expertise

Electronic devices
  • Hardware Development

    ARM based devices
    CAN, LIN, LAN, Wireless etc.
    Power solutions
    Motion, environmental sensor
    LCD, OLED, eInk displays
    And others …

  • Manufacturing

    Capable of production from one pc. to several thousands of pcs.
    Use of modern manufacturing technology

Motion Drives
  • BLDC Drives

    Innovative high efficiency BLDC drives with integrated diagnostics

  • Robotics

    Special programmable drives for industry and robotics
    Customizable functionality

SW Applications
  • PC Applications

    Windows apps based on .NET C#
    Modern UI multiplaform Qt apps

  • Smartphone Applications

    iOS or Android

  • Web Applications

    Cloud apps for data analysis – big data
    .NET Core

CAD Engineering
  • Mechanical Construction Design

    Specialized custom machines
    Custom made production and testing lines

  • 3D printing

    Prototyping with 3D printing
    Small scale printing service

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